Saturday, 28 August 2010

These angel city lights of mine...

Yesterday was the day that i had to move all of my things into my new House in Lincoln. I don't start back at University until September but my house mates and I wanted to make sure everything was sorted now so it's not a mad rush in september to get everything ready. It was a 3 hour journey each way and luckily my Dad was driving. The actual move in only took about an hour in total, which was a lot less time than i was expecting. Last year i hadn't really tried too hard to get a job, thinking that i should have the chance to just enjoy university life. This year i am desperate for one! I handed out 9 Cv's and application forms in a mad dash to get a Job before all the Freshers arrive in September.
Please wish me luck. Hopefully i will be successful with at least one of them :).

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

This is me!

So you are probably wondering why my blog is called 'Shades of Sky'...? I like to think that everybody has different parts to their personality which make you up as a whole person. The sky as a whole is blue and the different shades within that blue make the weather sunny, cloudy, rainy...The 'Shades' in my 'sky' or life are the things i enjoy doing and the people i love. Hopefully i explained that well enough for you to understand. Shades of sky is a way for me to share the different aspects of my life with you. Hopefully you can get to know me better :) .